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Lister Legal Recruitment is a full service legal recruitment firm with a specialist focus on the US legal market. We are committed to finding the right legal professionals for your organization, and we understand the importance of a positive and productive workplace culture. Our team of experts have extensive experience in placing legal professionals in every major US legal hub including New York, Washington DC, Chicago and Houston to name a few.

At Lister Legal Recruitment, we believe that every organization deserves the right legal talent to succeed.



Lister Legal Recruitment is made up of a team that has years of experience in the industry, and are ready and willing to pass on our recruitment knowledge to all of our clients.


Edward Lister


After multiple years successful years of working for a company focusing on US legal recruitment. I decided to embark on creating my own company with the goal to create a company that is great for legal professionals, any staff that I employ and most importantly benefits wider society.

Outside of work I enjoy playing football, basketball, skateboarding and most of all spending time with friends and family.


Jon Lister

Head of US 

Having worked in multiple different industries in the finance, recruitment and telecoms space. I am now looking to utilize these skills to advance the careers of those working in the legal industry.


Having run several teams through different companies now looking to bring that experience to the
success of the company and clients.

Our values

At Lister Legal Recruitment, we embrace a personal touch, embodying values that extend beyond business - prioritizing community, compassion, and charitable endeavors.

Personal Approach

Lister Legal Recruitment takes a more personal approach, setting us apart and above other staffing services whilst ensuring that your professional goals are our highest priority. 


We have the the contacts and in-depth market knowledge that will ensure that you find the next role that is perfect for you whilst also making you aware of many opportunities you may have otherwise been aware of.

Charitable Company

As a company that strives to be a force for good within the global community 1% of all profits go to charities that help those in developing nations. The money is split between the top four charities based on GiveWell's assessment of what the highest impact to cost effectiveness ratio. 

Global Top 30 8th Year Associate

Edward did an excellent to in regards to recruiting. He was very communicative and excellent at matching personality and skills to a group.

He also balanced my availability with scheduling calls and interviews. He was thoughtful with feedback and next steps and felt like he was an advocate on my behalf. He was also very authentic and transparent during the process and kind. He was easy to talk with which in turn allowed me the comfort zone to tell him what I was looking for in an opportunity. I thought he matched my professional goals with the firm. Thank you very much for your help"

Giving back

A big goal of Lister Legal Recruitment is to be a force for good within the world and this is why the company has pledged 1% of all company profits to be split among the top four charities that have the highest impact to cost effectiveness ratio according to the charity GiveWell.  


If you are unfamiliar with GiveWell then it is a charity that tracks the effectiveness of charities across the developing world in order to ensure the money put into charities is having the maximum impact. 


Get in Touch

If you are a lawyer or an attorney looking to find your next role in the US, do not hesitate to reach out and let us help you find the perfect role for you. 

Either fill out this form and we will be in touch or alternatively drop me an email, text, WhatsApp or imessage using the details provided below.


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